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Everyday Wellness Podcast Embracing Authenticity with Walter Green

Cynthia Thurlow

By Say It Now

July 01, 2024

Recently, Walter Green had the opportunity to sit down and have an a deeply personal conversation with health and wellness professional and industry-leading podcast host Cynthia Thurlow. They explore crucial elements of making meaningful connections, cultivating deep, authentic friendships, and transforming our lives to become agents of change through Say It Now.

Walter Green featured on Top 5 podcast The Drive with Dr. Peter Attia

Peter Attia MD

By Say It Now

February 07, 2024

Say It Now is excited to announce that our founder, Walter Green, sat down with Dr. Peter Attia to discuss the impact the of gratitude and living with intention.

‘Be your best selves’: Martin Luther King III encourages La Jolla students to express gratitude

La Jolla Light

By Elisabeth Frausto | Staff Writer

February 24, 2023

The son of the late civil-rights leader visits La Jolla Country Day School to help San Diego organization Say It Now encourage teenagers to express gratitude to those who have helped them.

Column: Martin Luther King III Helps Launch Say It Now in San Diego

Local Today

By William Bennett

February 25, 2023

A memorial service for the living? Local students aided the live launch of a campaign dedicated to expressing gratitude to important people in their lives now — before their memorial service.

Martin Luther King III Shares the Power of Gratitude with Preuss Students

UC San Diego Today

By Amanda Rubalcava

March 02, 2023

Retain a sense of gratitude. Give people their flowers while they are still here. Be grateful to those who have helped you along the way.

Column: Martin Luther King III helps launch ‘Say It Now’ in San Diego

San Diego Tribune

By Diane Bell | Columnist

February 25, 2023

Martin Luther King Jr.’s eldest son met with Walter Green, founder of the grassroots movement Say It Now, in the gym at the La Jolla Country Day School, which serves 1,000 young people from LJCDS, Preuss and Monarch schools -Schools was filled.

Martin Luther King III ignites gratitude movement with La Jolla students

SD News

By Dave Schwab

February 28, 2023

On Feb. 23, more than 1,000 students heard motivational speeches from Martin Luther King III, Say It Now founder Walter Green, and others at a special La Jolla Country Day School event highlighting the importance of expressing gratitude now to those who’ve positively impacted people’s lives.

Dynamic Senior Citizen Author Walter Green Launches Gratitude Initiative ‘Say It Now’

Indie Entertainment Media

February 28, 2023

It’s kind of silly isn’t it? We rarely tell others how much they’ve impacted our lives. Instead, we wait to share that love and gratitude until after they’re gone. Step in Walter Green, who founded Say It Now, sort of a ‘living tribute’ created to make our world a more grateful place, in a way that’s safe, timely and memorable.

Say It Now at La Jolla Country Day School

February 23, 2023

Say It Now at La Jolla Country Day School Event

Say It Now Launches Mission to Ignite 1 Million Expressions of Gratitude


San Diego

December 19, 2022

Say It Now Founder Walter Green recently featured on top podcast

By Say It Now

October 03, 2023

On this episode Walter shares his remarkable perspective on life, leadership, health, happiness, and leaving the world a better place through his lens of gratitude.

Walter Green delivers a powerful address to La Jolla Country Day

By Say It Now

September 05, 2023

Watch Walter Green deliver a powerful address to La Jolla Country Day, Monarch School and Preuss School students to help launch the Say It Now Movement.

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