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Say It Now
Frequently Asked Questions

Two woman outdoors seated at a fire and sharing a coffee as one woman expresses her gratitude for her friend.

Curious about the Say It Now movement? Want to know how you can share your gratitude and appreciation for others? Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about expressing your gratitude.

  • What is gratitude?
    Gratitude is a state of being and an expression towards something or someone that has made a positive impact on your life. Whether it changed you for the better, helped you during tough moments or gave you the support that you needed, gratitude is more than acknowledging someone. When we share our gratitude with others, we appreciate what we have and what others have done for us.
  • Can giving thanks make you happier?
    Positive psychology research has shown that gratitude is strongly and consistently connected with greater happiness. It can help people feel more positive emotions, enjoy good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity and build strong relationships.
  • Am I too young or too old to practice gratitude?
    Absolutely not! Gratitude is a universal experience that can be expressed at any stage of life.
  • How can I practice gratitude with Say It Now?
    We’ve created clear guidelines on three simple ways that you can share your gratitude with someone: Writing a letter A one-on-one moment of gratitude Hosting a living tribute Visit our Resources page to download the complete Say It Now toolkit where you’ll find step-by-step instructions on sharing your gratitude.
  • Do you have examples of others showing heartfelt appreciation?
    Yes, expressions of gratitude can be powerful inspiration and offer some very helpful direction on where to start. These examples are included in the downloads on our Resources page and on our Stories page.
  • Is there any charge for Say It Now?
    Not a cent. We would simply hope you will share it with others so we can spread the love and gratitude.
  • No really, what do you get out of this?
    We love hearing about your experiences—it validates all the work we’ve done and makes us feel like we’re making a real difference. If you’ve ever done community service or worked with a non-profit, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Please contact us to share the experience of your living tribute.
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