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Say It Now Launches Mission to Ignite 1 Million Expressions of Gratitude

Say It Now Launches Mission to Ignite 1 Million Expressions of Gratitude

December 19, 2022


San Diego

Say It Now is providing free resources to help guide participants through a transformative gratitude journey.

Watch the Say It Now welcome video or visit to join the Say It Now movement today

Say It Now, a movement dedicated to shifting the paradigm of how people honor those who have had an impact on their lives, has launched a year-long initiative to empower 1 million expressions of gratitude. From inspiring real-world stories to tips on how to share a message of gratitude, people of all ages can visit to access free resources to make it easier to jumpstart their gratitude journey.

The Say It Now movement was inspired by one man’s year-long journey across the United States and abroad to visit and express gratitude to 44 people who had a profound impact on his life. Walter Green’s personal journey to capture the power of extraordinary gratitude led to the creation of his book, “This is the Moment,” where Green lays the groundwork for the importance of expressing appreciation for others, which in turn leads to insightful self-discoveries and enrichment of relationships.

“I want people to realize there is no benefit in waiting – this is the moment,” says Say It Now Founder and author, Walter Green. “None of us are self-made, and we all have people in our lives who’ve had an impact on who we are. We usually wait to pay tribute to them until they have passed on, when they are not alive to hear our words. But we should say it now, while they can appreciate it.”

Whether at school, at home or in the workplace, anyone can join the Say It Now movement.

For Betsy Yager's grade 4 class at Anne Sullivan Elementary School in Prospect Heights, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago), writing letters isn't something they often do. Say It Now allowed them to express themselves in a new way, and the guide helped them better understand the concept of gratitude.

"The explanation of what friends meant to them and how they had helped them was amazing. Many of them got very emotional in the process," Yager says. "It's not just about the letter writing. Using the guide to explore the meaning of gratitude, helped my students internalize why the person means so much to them."

Because expressing feelings of gratitude can sometimes feel awkward – or hard to know where to begin – Say It Now’s suite of free resources are available to help participants get started and choose their own gratitude adventure to honor the people who have impacted their lives.

Visit to access a comprehensive Say It Now toolkit and ‘how to’ resources including letter writing, face-to-face experiences, and hosting a living tribute event.

“We designed the Say It Now resources to be as simple and turnkey as possible to help people get past those initial hurdles, start their gratitude journey and then quickly realize how transformational the experience of expressing gratitude is,” says Green. “My hope is that through Say It Now, this principle of expressing gratitude while we are alive and well will become customary, and we no longer wait until it’s too late and have to live with the regrets for things we wish we had said.”

About Say It Now

Say It Now is a movement inspired by two pivotal experiences that left an indelible mark on its founder’s life. The first was a year-long journey throughout the United States to visit 44 people who significantly impacted his life. This led to his inspirational book, “This is the Moment,” where Walter Green laid the groundwork for the importance of expressing our feelings for others. The second experience occurred when a friend asked him to organize a celebration of life after his passing. Green instead convinced him to have a living tribute for his next birthday, where his nearest and dearest gathered to celebrate how much he’d meant in their lives. The event was so enriching for everyone that it affirmed Green’s commitment to make living tributes a normal part of our daily lives.

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Say It Now Launches Mission to Ignite 1 Million Expressions of Gratitude

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