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Think of all the people who’ve helped shape your life.

Isn't it time we let them know?

Say It Now before it's too late! 

Two woman sharing a Say It Now moment and smiling.

What's it all about? 

Say It Now is a movement to change how and when we express gratitude for the people who’ve meant so much in our lives, from too late to right now. How? By empowering people with easy tools to jumpstart their gratitude journey. Whether expressed in writing, verbally or at a group event, letting someone know how much you appreciate them is a transformative experience – for their life and yours!  

Join us in reaching 1 million
'Say It Now' expressions! 

Expressing gratitude

Inspired to Say It Now to someone you know? Visit our Resources page for everything you’ll need to express your gratitude, from real-world stories to tips on how to share your message.  

A notebook with a quote from Say It Now founder, Walter Green: Gratitude is a feeling that comes from something good that happened to you.

What people are saying

“I love seeing the faces of others who were touched by our tribute and of whom I had heard so much about.”

Lisa Ligouri

Founder at Happiness Adventure


Power of Virtual Gratitude

Technology has made human connection easier than ever. Digital platforms can help facilitate Say It Now celebrations with the click of a button and it's virtually free. Take a look at Say It Now in action.

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